9 Questions to Ask Before Relocating Your IT

IT relocation is one of the biggest challenges an organization can face. Let TailWind's expertise tame your IT relocation fears and ensure minimal loss of productivity, revenue, and uptime.

It only takes 10 minutes to learn IT relocation tips that will protect your company's future.

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In this free checklist, you'll learn secrets to:

  • Working with architects to plan your network cabling needs
  • Mapping out optimal WiFi plans
  • Determining when to remove old cabling
  • Ensuring a future-proof server room and cabling plan

Are You Prepared for Efficient IT Relocation?

Moving IT can often result in some amount of network downtime, which can cost up to $5,600 per minute(1). How much will your IT relocation cost your business? Rein in these losses with TailWind's free checklist for a move with minimal disruption.